Zero Platform Fees or Commissions

BidBee Market operates, as closely as possible, on a cost neutral basis. Listing to sell and buying are both ZERO FEE events and no commisions are charged on completed sales.

Standard Sales Market

Prices are set by seller and buyers can see the final price on what they want to buy before making a decision.

Standard Online Auction

Buyers offer the price they want to pay until a seller agrees to sell. These auctions can range in time duration- ex: 3, 5, 7, 10 or even 30 days.

Reverse Auction Market

A unique type of auction where the buyers post what they need and then sellers offer the lowest price they are willing to sell their goods at.

What is BIDX?

BIDX is is a new and unaffiliated cryptocurrency native to BidBee Market. It permits an easy transfer of value between parties and accurate tracking of transactions on a permanent blockchain ledger.

This system essentially allocates the value of a specific item sold to the BIDX used to purchase it. It also allows for value portability unlike what is seen in current banking systems.

Benefits of BIDX:

  1. 75 Second block times for faster confirmations which means a much faster transaction VS Bitcoin.
  2. Ultra low fees per transaction compared to traditional payment processors.
  3. Dual consensus algorithms for a more decentralized network.
  4. Low block reward size to avoid an oversaturated supply.


March 2019

Planning and viability study of project concept.

April 2019

Begin search for qualified blockchain developer.

May 2019

Work with blockchain developer to build needed cryptocurrency for our platform. Locate a platform developer and intialize development of platform.

June 2019

Platform development continues. Search for additional developers for platform development.

July 2019

Graphic designer added to team. Additional developer also joins.

August 2019

Design of project website finalized. Launch project website. Form needed partnerships to prepare for cryptocurrency public launch.

September 2019

Finalize public cryptocurrency launch. Further design and closed testing platform Beta MVP.



Miroslav Petrov

Operations Lead and Founder

Dedicated to a decentralized future and is glad to play a key role in shaping it.


Peter Zurita


When you put enough effort into an idea, you will make it work, even if it wasn't supposed to be possible.

Distribution of tokens

Coin distribution chart

Marketing Partner

Marketing partner

Crypto Ants Marketing

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